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Natural Cleaning in a 100% recycled bottle

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Who does not love natural cleaning? I mean what better way to get a fresh home then with using all natural, safe for your family products? What could be better than that? How about a 100% natural cleaner that is in a plastic-free bottle made out of paper!

Les Secrets de Leontine is a new line of cleaning products, made in France, out of 100% natural ingredients. When this line went into development the CEO from CBS Products, Gregory Dubos, was determined to put them into packaging that would stand out on shelf but would also be more environmentally friendly than plastic.

After his search and multiple conversations he found this paper bottle from Ecologic Brands. Ecologic's new paper bottle is said to be the world's only commercially-viable paper bottle made from recycled materials!

Looking forward to more plastic free bottles being made for other products too!

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